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Equal Opportunity Employment

Policy Statement
Martin Mining and Civil supports equal opportunity in the selection of employees and ensures that people are not
discriminated against on the basis of sex, pregnancy, race, beliefs, marital status, physical or intellectual disability,
homosexuality or age. This means that all employees and those seeking employment are entitled to equal consideration and respect in
their dealings with Martins Mining and Civil.

Aims and Objectives
Martins Mining and Civil aims to ensure that those seeking employment are treated equitably by:
 selecting people on the basis of their skills, aptitude and relevant qualifications including life experience.
 recognising and valuing different skills and ideas.
 ensuring a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment.
 giving everyone an equal chance to develop skills and make the most of their talents
 supporting employees to combine work, study and family responsibilities.

To ensure Equal Employment opportunity requirements are met, Martin Mining and Civil
 provides recruitment, selection and promotion practises that are open, competitive and based on merit. This means the best applicant is selected for the job.
 provides all current employees with equal opportunity to apply for available jobs or higher duties
 provides working arrangements that meet the needs of employees and create a productive workplace.
 provides all employees with access to relevant information related to their job duties.
 provides all employees with communication processes and channels, which allow their views to be heard.
 employs fair and equitable practices in regard to staff employment including discipline and dismissal
 provides grievance procedures, which are accessible to all employees and deal with workplace complaints promptly, confidentially and fairly.


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