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Indegenous Heritage and Employment

Policy Statement
Martins Mining & Civil is committed to the employment of appropriately qualified indigenous people and developing relationships of mutual understanding and respect in areas in which we operate. Indigenous groups have certain cultural responsibilities and traditions that are not covered by legislation. Martins Mining & Civil shall consider both factors through consultation and cultural awareness programmes.

Aims and Objectives
TO FULFIL THIS COMMITMENT, Martins Mining & Civil shall adopt proactive policies to:
1) Provide employment and training opportunities to indigenous groups.
2) Establish and maintain effective, positive and frequent communication with indigenous peoples.
3) Recognise the desire of indigenous peoples to fulfil their responsibilities within their traditional cultures.
4) Recognise and observe all statutory, provincial, and federal laws relevant to indigenous and cultural matters.
5) Seek to identify all indigenous interests in the area in which we operate.
6) Formulate and implement for all company personnel, an indigenous awareness program, pertinent to the local situation, which will increase the understanding, sensitivity and respect towards the local indigenous peoples.
7) Taking into account local conditions, provide the opportunity for qualified local indigenous businesses to tender for the supply of goods and services necessary for the companies local activities.

All personnel will be responsible for the implementation and understanding of this policy within their particular workplace.


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